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We want your stay at “Wayside” to be comfortable, relaxing and fun. We have put a lot of thought into equipping the accommodation and providing access to extra facilities. Please ask us if you have any special requirements – we will always try to help.

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About the Harrods

My wife Eileen and I are both local to the area – in fact my childhood family home was next door to “Wayside” and my great grandfather lived adjacent to the property! We have lived at “Wayside” since 1977, originally moving into a wooden house on the same plot of land while the current property was built.

I did much of the building work myself, having worked as a structural engineer for most of my career. Eileen has worked with local businesses providing bookkeeping and accounts services for over 30 years. We have three grown up daughters and two grandsons, and are keen gardeners.

Now retired, we undertake the cleaning and maintenance of the holiday annex (which was added to the house in 2007) ourselves, putting as much attention to detail and care into the upkeep as we did when building and equipping the property. We are very proud of our four star Gold rating and work very hard to bring you the highest standard of self catering holiday accommodation possible.
Phil Harrod